Short Courses
Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Photography

An introductory workshop aimed at those wanting to learn the basics and take the first steps in photography.

During one week we’ll learn the basics of photography’s theory, history, technique, applying the acquired concepts as we go along.

-Required equipment: each student should have a digital camera, preferably DSLR, with manual, as well as automatic exposure programs.


Monday: Theory and a little History:

-The Composition of Light;

-The Principle of the Dark Chamber, basic principles of Optics and the functioning of the Human Eye;

-Invention and Evolution of Photography (from Nièpce and Daguerre to digital);

-How cameras work. Historical evolution of the different camera models;

-Different formats;

-The 20th Century and Photography - A brief introduction to the history of photography and the work of some of the most outstanding photographers of the 20th century (Screenings and discussion of photographs by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, etc, etc.);

Tuesday: Composition, Point of View and Perspective:

- Study of all these elements with references to the History of Art and Photography;

Hands On (beginning):

-The optical and mechanical principles of a camera:

-Focal Length (Interchangeable lenses with fixed and variable focal lengths);


-Diaphragm and Aperture;

-Depth of Field;

Wednesday: Hands On (continued):

-The optical and mechanical principles of a camera (continued):

-Light Sensitivity;

-The Shutter Speed;

-Using the Flash;

-Getting the Right Exposure getting all studied elements together;

Post production:

-Different currently available Software and Basics of Image Correction (Contrast, Exposure, etc.);



-Practical Exercises, in the School: Focus, Depth of field, Shutter Speed, Light sensitivity;

Friday: Taking pictures and Discussing them:

- In the morning: Each student will produce a set of up to 10 photographs covering the main subjects we’ve studied: focus, depth of field, correct exposure using different shutter speeds with different apertures, etc.

- In the afternoon:

-Organization and Correction of each student’s Images;

-Joint discussion of the Images made, resolution of problems, final doubts.

23 Mar 2020
14:00 - 18:00
20 Hours
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