Drawing for Architecture and Interior Design
Drawing for Architecture and Interior Design

Drawing by hand is the quickest and cheapest way of conveying an idea on paper. A draft becomes, at the same time, a synthesis of the idea and/or a principle capable of generating the idea. In this course you will have the opportunity to learn through practical exercises, some of them carried out outside the school premises: you will have to draw urban sketches meant to improve your observation skills, capturing by means of a drawing some of the city’s spaces and buildings. Attending this course provides moments of learning that will be both pleasant and exciting, since the techniques are conveyed by means of practical exercises adapted to each theme.

Target audience
All those that intend to learn and train the development of their drawing strokes, of their ability to represent and sketch, by means of free and nimble drawing, either architectural features or spaces. For students and professionals in the fields of architecture, interior design, furniture design, industrial design or illustration. The course is also meant for those who wish to learn drawing as a hobby or for whom this kind of drawing can be of use.

To be able to observe and represent space by means of free hand drawing 
To demonstrate the interrelation between the individual, the space and/or the object.
To acquire the notions of proportion and perspective.
To be able to use and make the most of different drawing implements and supports.
By the end of the course, participants will have some degree of competence and confidence to represent by means of a free drawing a space/environment and to explore a range of different themes on different materials.

The competence in terms of visual perception that is acquired through this course is important in order to stimulate creative thought and the resolution of problems.
To acquire or develop the ability and confidence that are necessary to freely represent a space or environment, by means of a hand drawing that expresses your ideas.

What you will learn
Different support materials and drawing implements
Observation of space and its representation
Representation of objects in space 
Notions of proportion and perspective
Concepts revolving around space and light
Stain on the graphic record
The sketch as a creative process, used to express an ideia or concept
Transformation process of a space in order to exhibit works of art
How to organize a portfolio
Some work sessions will be held outside of the school premises. We encourage this kind of mobility not only because of its relevance to the themes being handled, but also because of the pleasure that can arise from drawing in different spaces (including public spaces) and sharing that experience with a group.

Required learning material:
- A4 drawing pad
- A3 drawing pad
- Black India ink 
- Brushes (sizes 2 and 4)
- Graphite pencil (3B and 6B)
- Watercolor kit
- Rubber eraser
- Charcoal

32 hours
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